Harnessing Energy Literacy for Planet Earth, or HELP Earth started with initiatives geared towards energy literacy and environmental awareness among youth and community. It focuses on awareness education, strengthening of advocacy and empowerment of leaders as its keys for sustainable development. There are two major projects under HELP Earth focusing both on the education component and practice.

HELP Earth Education is one of the major thrusts of AC Energy Corporation's CSR. The company believes that sustainability starts by placing education and empowerment at the very core of the HELP Earth Program. The program aims to engage student leaders by promoting awareness and enhancing their skills for them to create knowledge-based decision to support HELP Earth goals.

HELP Earth Environment, on the other hand, is set to complement the education program of AC Energy Corporation. This endeavor provides mechanisms for the company to promote initiatives to conserve and preserve the environment. Likewise, it provides a venue for students and like-minded groups to participate in the advocacy.

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