Progressive Undertaking for Nation-Building and Life-Enhancing Advocacies, or PUNLA, is AC Energy Corporation's (ACEN) response to the needs of the partner communities for a more appropriate and sustainable development. The term “punla” or “seedlings” emphasizes the program’s commitment on developing communities based on their roots and realities, nurturing them to become more self-reliant and empowered. There are three major projects under the PUNLA Program:

PUNLA-Kabuhayan. The program starts on the belief on the potential of the community to contribute to the economic growth of their areas. To address this, AC Energy Philippines assists communities in resource mapping and exploring opportunities for sustainable livelihood. Participative planning and implementation plays a key role in the sustainability of the projects. AC Energy Corporation makes sure that our partner communities have a firm grasp of the ownership of the project, while the company works in support to contribute resources, facilitate marketing and provide service providers for the community.

PUNLA-Kababayan. The program is the social welfare arm of PUNLA that aims to initiate projects that will benefit the well-being of the community. This includes projects for children’s welfare, health improvement, and emergency humanitarian assistance when needed.

PUNLA-Kaligtasan. AC Energy Corporation (ACEN) is committed to enhance the capacities and reduce vulnerabilities of the community within our areas of operation. The program aims that people from the community will be engaged actively and will be at the heart of decision-making and implementation of the project.

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